Student Projects

GridEd is undertaking an initiative to support undergraduate design projects with a focus on power engineering. This effort seeks to help students gain practical experience in developing an approach to design activities helping to prepare them to meet the future challenges of the evolving power system. For qualifying applicants, GridEd offers financial support (up to $5k per project) for undergraduate design projects meeting the following requirements

Requirements for Award Consideration:

  1. Undergraduate design projects

    GridEd's awards will be made only for support of undergraduate design projects. Support for graduate or PhD student research or stipends for graduate assistance of undergraduate research will not be considered because the focus of the effort is on undergraduate experience in power engineering.

  2. Projects must come from an actively engaged Affiliate university of GridEd

    Awards will only be made to Affiliate universities of GridEd who are actively engaged in the GridEd initiative. Affiliate university status is available to any university, provided that a prerequisite for qualification as an Affiliate university is sponsorship by a utility or participant in GridEd. To learn more about becoming an Affiliate university of GridEd, please visit the GridEd website, click on the Members tab, then select Affiliates ( or us at

  3. Projects must be focused on power engineering related concepts

    GridEd seeks to prepare future power engineers and will only consider projects related to engineering challenges associated with the generation, transmission, distribution, or end use of electric power.

  4. A summary of the results must be submitted to GridEd and be made publicly available through a creative commons license

    Applicants must be willing to submit a summary of the results from the design project to GridEd within one year of award acceptance. The summary report (5 page maximum) must be made publicly available through a Creative Commons license ( such that GridEd can disseminate project goals and findings to the broader industry.

  5. Ownership of the results are original to the authors of the work

    The authors are solely responsible for the design and results emanating from the award. EPRI uses tools to ensure original ownership and authorship of the work. EPRI is a nonprofit tax exempt 501c3 research institution. Selection of financial support is not an endorsement of the project or its results.

Application Process:

Proposals for projects which meet the above criteria may be submitted to GridEd at any time but must be submitted by Friday, December 21st, 2018 to be considered. To submit a proposal, complete the following proposal template and send an email to by 5:00pm EDT on December 21st, 2018.

GridEd Undergraduate Design Project Proposal Template (168 KB)

Award Process:

GridEd will assemble a review committee comprised of personnel from EPRI and professors from participating GridEd universities to evaluate the qualifying* proposals based on the criteria below. Award notifications will be made by December 28th, 2018.

*Qualifying proposals must be submitted by the application deadline using the GridEd Undergraduate Design Project Proposal Template (see link above) and meet all stated requirements for award consideration. Proposal forms must be no longer than 3 pages.

Award Criteria:

  • Technical Merit: the project description sufficiently describes the design challenge and technical requirements necessary for successful completion. The proposed project scope is related to power engineering concepts which are expected aid students in understanding the fundamental principles and overcome challenges associated with the generation, transmission, distribution, and end use of electric power.

  • Timeline: Projects must start within 6 months of the award date. GridEd will consider existing projects which are still seeking additional support. Projects may be short-term semester style initiatives or larger multi-year investigations. GridEd will make only one award per project per year based on available funding. Each awardee is expected to submit a summary of results to date (5-page maximum) to GridEd prior to graduation or within one year of award selection.

  • Budget: A budget breakdown of expected project costs related to the award funding must be provided. While total project budget may be any amount, GridEd will only make awards up to $5,000 in support of the project. Sufficient detail should be provided which describes why GridEd funding is needed and for what it will be used. Applicable expenses may include items such as (but not limited to) equipment for testing, materials for prototyping, costs for modeling, printing costs, conference fees, or student travel to conferences to present results. GridEd will not consider projects which plan to use award funding to support work study, stipends, or scholarships, including graduate student assistantships or PhD research.

Searching for relevant design project ideas and need data? EPRI's Distribution Modernization Demonstration (DMD) Initiative is seeking universities interested in solving data analytics problems related to the electric power industry. Please visit the DMD webpage related to this Data Mining Initiative ( or contact Jared Green ( or 865-360-7967) for more information.

2017 Prior Award Submissions:

For questions related to GridEd's support of Undergraduate Design Projects, please contact us at

University Undergraduate Design Project Title
Buffalo State Enhancement of Transactive Energy Test Bed+D9:I as Related to Microgrid with Deployment of Synchrophasors for Protection, Monitoring and Control
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Estimation of Behind-Meter Renewable Generation from Power Consumption Data - Phase 2
University of Colorado Denver Energy Management System
Western Washington University Distribution System Fault Location Identification: A Quickest Change Approach

2016 Prior Award Submissions:

For questions related to GridEd's support of Undergraduate Design Projects, please contact us at

University Undergraduate Design Project Title
Buffalo State Testbed for Transactive Energy and its Effects on the Distribution System and Protective Devices Settings
California Polytechnic State University Microgrid System Protection
Colorado School of Mines Advancement in Electric Drives and Motor Design as Applied to the Steel Industry and Electrical System Design Calculations
University of California, Irvine Evaluation of Power-to-Gas for the State of California in Various Renewable Energy Scenarios
West Texas A&M University Photovoltaic Battery Charger for Residential Microgrid
North Carolina State University Distributed Energy Generation and Storage System Design
Oregon Institute of Technology Three-Phase Variable Frequency Motor Controller & Inverter Implemented using Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation on a Field Programmable Gate Array
Oregon Institute of Technology Second Life Battery Characterization
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Estimation of Behind-Meter Renewable Generation from Power Consumption Data
University of Louisville An AC Microgrid Test Bed for Exposure to Power Systems Concepts
Western Washington University A Statistical Framework for Real-Time Event Detection in Power Systems