Electric Power Research Institute

EPRI manages GridEd activities which bring together current R&D results, university educational processes, and utility and industry needs. EPRI also serves as a resource by using the outputs of its R&D process from solar, renewable, and distribution engineering work to provide a basis from which to develop a variety of training and educational materials.

As part of EPRI's public charter, approximately 15% of EPRI products in the area of grid and renewable integration, demand response, storage, electric vehicles and smart grid are available immediately to the public, at no cost.

Additionally, nearly all products, executable and pdf, are made available to domestic educational institutions for nominal processing fee of $250 and eventually all products are publicly available. Through GridEd, EPRI endeavors to increase awareness, accessibility and its reach to integrate research results into a variety of educational products.

Roles and responsibilities include:

  • Project lead and financial manager.
  • Utility and industry interface/engagement – Establishes the mechanism to engage utilities and industry within GridEd. Organizes workshops and conference calls to identify gaps and needs in terms of both near term and long term planning while sharing curriculum and training materials with utility and industry participants.
  • Develops new and uses existing mechanisms to make particular EPRI research available to GridEd for development of curriculum and training/course materials.
  • Uses EPRI roadmaps, annual research portfolios, summer seminars, research advisory and council feedback to set the direction of GridEd activities in terms of identifying need for new curriculum and/or new training materials.
  • Interfaces with national laboratories and other entities like SEPA, SEIA, etc. to leverage existing and ongoing research into power system curriculum.