GEARED Utility and Industry Advisors: 2014-2018

Electric utilities and industry advisors have been critical to the overall success of GridEd, as the central objective is to provide education and training for engineers who are responsible for the design and operation of the grid of the future. The specification of skills and knowledge requirements for future engineers is best prescribed by the solicitors of such employees.

Roles and responsibilities include:

  • Act as hands on advisors to ensure the GridEd activity is beneficial and useful for the electric utility industry now and in the future – nominate/engage the right personnel to serve as an advisor and participant in GridEd.
  • Offer their senior/experienced personnel to contribute within GridEd:
    • Help identify gaps and needs by providing research, operation, and business questions and concerns
    • Work as subject matter experts where applicable
    • Serve as instructors when appropriate
  • Send their junior and mid-level engineers to the topic specific short courses and workshops.
  • Allow the use of their existing training facilities for hands-on activities built into the short courses and workshops.
  • Support the consortia after the DOE project period.